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                                          "A SINGLE WOMAN'S HANDBOOK"
                                                   Making it as a Single Parent

                                                                                     "A Woman's Corner"
                          Book I   of  III  .  Making it as a Single Parent
                          Book II  of  III  .  After the Children are Gone, Growing-up Alone
                          Book III of  III  .  The Legacy . My Life's Story

A Single Woman's Handbook . Making it as a Single Parent is an acknowledgment to the more than 173,000,000 female single parent heads of households in this country, who until recently have not been credited for being the single most influence entrusted with the well-being of mankind.
The staggering statistics continue to rise in record numbers, and are still being disguised within the demographics of the many existing special interest groups.  Time has marked the drumbeat which we have historically marched to for so long, that has drowned out our cries and branded us an invisible majority without benefit of recognition.
This book is not intended to be an affirmation of our strife, but instead a reinforcement of our continued personal well-being ...
"Women Change the World Everyday ..."

 "A Woman's Corner"

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