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"A Woman's Corner" wishes to acknowledge and thank its proud Sponsors and generous contributors in Scottsdale AZ.

Your generous donations are financing and supporting FREE online community services in Scottsdale AZ for women and women in transition that is viewed all over the world.  AWC is enriching the lives of families and enabling women to enhance their personal well-being, develop positive self-esteem, and strengthen their family values which becomes the catalyst that fosters them to rebuild their communities one-woman-at-a-time ...
                Your donations to AWC; paid subscriptions; In-kind support, and
      Professional Services are most gratefully appreciated.
                            Your donations allows AWC in partnership with
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                                        a global leader of 
online Community
                                           Service for Women and Families 
                                                       all over the world

          JUDY GALLIN, Artist        

Judy Gallin
Scottsdale, Arizona

  • People Talking
  • Animals
  • Folk Art
  • War Stories
  • Abstracts


PREMIER  RN Patient Advocate                   Gretchen Losurdo, RN
Website:    Premierrnpa.com                                                          Phoenix, AZ
Email:      PremierRNPA@gmail.com                            602.359-5525

Consolidate relevant medical records and 
place in a medical timeline
Educate and support you while navigating
our complex healthcare system, and we 
empower and teach  you how to become
 your own advocate ...


The Native American Legacy inherent in us ALL 

The wisdom  of  our ancestors and learning from the "keepers" of the ages.    Coming soon ...

                                                                                       "A Woman's Corner"


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