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ellness, and
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                                          The AWC Internship Project
           A Self-directed Internship / Community Service / AWC Internship Projects

PROGRAM I   The AWC Internship Project – Graduate and Undergraduate / Internships is  designed to support the internal Administrative effectiveness to implement the AWC Essentials, Wellness, and Personal Development Program to support Community Services at N/C
PROGRAM II – Alternative Approach to Pain & Stress Management Overview

An alternative approach to the reduction of pain and stress management using magnetic, far-infrared and other wellness products.  In many cases users have expressed experiencing a reduction in their levels of physical discomfort.  Some of the products are endorsed by athletes and healthcare professional though they are not an endorsement of AWC.
PROGRAM III – Mission to Wellness

Bikram Yoga
Colon Hydrotherapy
Ear Candling
Far Infrared Sauna
Ionic Footbath  
Lymphatic health and Healing System
Magnetic Therapy
Massage Therapy / Private                           
Massage Therapy / Clinic                                          
Nutric Energetic Scan System – NES Professional
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Supplements and remedies that support:  Cleansing, Detoxification and Rejuvenation
Physical Therapy                                            
Special Detoxification Programs:  Liver, Gallblatter, Candida, Parasites, Heavy Metals, etc.

PROGRAM IV – Meditation / Music / Sound / Audio Books
Holosync Awakening Prologue                                 
How to Heal Your Life / How to Love Yourself          
The Age of Miracles – Embracing the New Midlife  
PROGRAM V – Eldercare and Caregiver Referral Resources

Adult Protective Services
Legal Services for the Elderly [Evictions]
Elder Care and Nursing Oversight and Administrative Services
Elder Law Services – NOVA College Law Department
Caregiver Services – Services Now for Adults Persons, Inc.  [SNAP]
Meals on Wheels - Citywide
Senior Citizen’s Center Activities
Senior Housing Advocate
PROGRAM VI – The Secret Pampering Principles – Spa Experience

Week 1            Personal Grooming for Women / Personal Grooming for Men Seminar
Week 2            Facials and Skin care [Natural and Cosmetic] Workshop
Week 3            Beauty Makeovers – Before/After Workshop / Lord & Taylor’s
Week 4            Manicure / Pedicure Beauty Tips      
Week 5            Personal Shopping and Accessorizing Workshops
PROGRAM VII    Living Essentials                                             

Teaching the basic essentials of keeping the body healthy without drugs.  e.g.  Magnetic alternatives, far-infrared, Netti Pot, simple changes in diet, eating green, simple cooking for one on a budget, physical fitness / exercise / an electric toothbrush
PROGRAM VIII          Green Boroughs – Ergonomics             
The science of becoming Environmentally Conscious - www.greenboroughs.com
Discussions and programs to learn how simple lifestyle changes can improve the quality of your health, your life, and saving the planet
PROGRAM VIX - Journey to SELF [The Gift of Time Workshop]       

Week 1           Moving beyond depression and recreating the emotional well-being needed to heal the past, and move on.  Recapturing the beauty of a life well lived and creating a picture blueprint for living a “Joy Filled Life”.
Week 2           The Law of Attraction - Changing your mind, changing your thoughts, changing your life, and learning how to attract your destiny from your thoughts.
Week 3           What Do You Want - Getting rid of the clutter to create more harmony in you life.

Week 4           The Beginning - Live your best life NOW
PROGRAM X    The Manifestation Course – Created by:  Gay Hendricks  [10 weeks]
Week 1    Introduction to Five Wishes - Claiming Your Natural Genius
Week 2    How Unconscious Manifestation Works
Week 3    Changing the Quality of Your Questions
Week 4    How to Stop Unconscious Manifestation 
Week 5    Creating Your Life by Design Instead of Default  
Week 6    The Three Stages of Conscious Manifestation 
Week 7    Moving Easefully Through Your Life
Week 8    Impeccability of Speaking and Agreement
Week 9    Becoming the Source of Appreciation
Week 0   Daily Practice - Mastering the Art of Living
PROGRAM XI    "Women's Health, Awareness and Prevention"  Weekly Workshop discussions based on the Online Workshop topics from  www.awomanscorner.com
PROGRAM XII    "A Woman of Substance" - Self-esteem / Personal Well-being
Weekly discussions based on the Online Workshops topic from www.awomanscorner.com
PROGRAM XIII   "The Wonderful World of Work" - Older Persons in the Workforce  
Weekly discussions based on the Online Workshop topics from www.pamelajudd.com 
PROGRAM XIV    "Financial Management" www.awomanscorner.com
Personal investment programs developed to meet individual resources.   
PROGRAM XV          Weight Management Made Easy – It’s An Inside Job     
                                            [Mentally / Physically / Spiritually]
PROGRAM XVI         Living Alone and Growing Younger – Women
                                      Living Alone With / The Best of Times - Men
PROGRAM XVII         Co-op Partnership
                                          [Sharing the Load / Dividing the Burden]                              
PROGRAM XVIII       Organization Made Easy
                                          [Clear the Clutter / Create New Possibilities]
PROGRAM XIX         Nintendo Wii - Multimedia Virtual Reality Fitness Program
                                       Promotes physical fitness; exercise; bowling; individual and
                                       team sports, etc.  [*] Purchased by each facility

Quad Roller Massaging Cushion [*]  Purchased by each facility
PROGRAM XX           How to Use Your Power of Visualization [16 weeks] 

The principles of this course were instituted under the direction of the State University of NY, State College of Optometry Vision Therapy Learning Disabilities Center and Eye Care VisionServices.  There have been studies conceucted that concluded that what we see has a great impact on how we learn.  Undetected vision deficits can effect and influence how we see the world and/or how we respond to it.
Week 1    Orchestration of the Senses - The Orchestra   
Week 2    The Concert Master - Visual Principles for Living
Week 3    Combining Orchestra and Concert - Master Living This Moment
Week 4    Inner Visual Centering - Island of Tranquility and Screen of the Mind
Week 5    Visualizing Light 
Week 6    Finding Order in Chaos - Central . Peripheral
Week 7    Changing the Centering - Another Point of View / Changing the View of
                 Yourself and the World
Week 8    Changing your view of others
Week 9    Getting Unstuck from One Point of View 
Week 10   Re-View
Week 11   Visualizing Other Spaces and Times - Memory Pictures / Three Months to One Year
Week 12   Memory Pictures - Exploring the Space Bubble / Far, Mid & New Space
Week 13   Memory Pictures - "NOW" holds Past and Future
Week 14   The Director of the Orchestra
                  The Vision and Visualization / Matching the Outer and Inner Ears
Week 15   Turning the Inner Verbalizer On/Off
Week 16   The Inner Silence of Visualization

                                             "Women Change the World Everyday ..."
                                                                                    "A Woman's Corner"
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