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                        When Giving comes from the heart 

                         In these troubling times 
             when emotional comfort is welcomed.

           Treat yourself to a soothing dose of "life"
                 Relationships, and falling in love
                             Tune into the 
                     "HALLMARK" Movie Chanel 
                And renew your vision of what Love
                       and Caring can look like         

                         Posted:  d.06.20/2020  
                               Help available  In  
                      LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA
                            COVID-19 CRISIS
       Essential food and hygiene products as well as
                  personal help to anyone in need. 
Brett & Lisa Korade are coordinating as members of McLean Bible Church to support to anyone in need during the Corona Virus crisis.  If you, or anyone you know, would like to contact them please do not hesitate to call, text, or email anytime of the day or night at the following points of contact:

  •                   CAPT Brett Korade USN(Ret);
                      cell 703.321.6994
                      email Brett@LABrealtyGroup.com

  •                    Lisa Korade;  cell 202.701.9494;  
                       email Lisa@LABrealtyGroup.com
              Mosquito Joe of Northern Virginia
                                REQUEST A QUOTE              
Now offering Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems ***

It actually works!! I was skeptical at first. The mosquitoes are so bad here, but not since we’ve had this service. My neighbors also signed up because they noticed that we had no mosquitoes

                  GT  Services  for Seniors

                                            Housing Transition Services for Seniors
                                   Centered Around "You"

   MOVING, PACKING, UNPACKING, DOWNSI                  When you hire our "Team" you become family
                        John Newell .  240.670-4877 

                                                                                                                                               ALERT . ALERT . ALERT
           (*)  If your Phone rings and you answer it and the caller asks
                               "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"
  HANG-UP IMMEDIATELY . It is  one of the latest  SCAMS

  (*)  When answering your "PHONE" and  you hear a four-word phrase from an  " Unknown Caller" that asks "Can You Hear Me"?   Hang Up Immediately" .  The SCAM is to ask you a question to get you to “yes”, and your answer "yes" is recorded and used to charge or confirm changes to a bank account, or to authorize other bogus charges.  The scammer uses your recorded response to potentially access or authorize your information to a third party vendor, or claim that you authorized and agreed to pay some bogus hefty fees.  Be mindful, and be safe.
                 Own a little "piece" of  PARADISE 
                          Hatteras Island, on the
er Banks of North Carolina
                         Misty Gillikin, Senior Broker
                 Email:    misty@surforsound.com
                        252.995-5801   x104 Office

   No. 1          Hamid & Maryam Avin, DDS, PC 
                     "Avin Family Dentistry"  
                                                            Se Habla Espanol
 Every patient who visits Drs. Hamid & Mariam Avin     dental practice will agree that the entire staff has rightfully 
gained them a reputation that boasts of a 5 star rating.  Over the years each of the Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants have cultivated a sensitivity that naturally soothes anxieties in their patient's, and creates a calm and relaxing environment  of emotional well-being and trust. 

It is particularly gratifying to recognize, when children, Seniors and people with disabilities are totally
relaxed and have no anxieties.   We credit our patient's comfort being due to the natural compassion from our caring staff.  

 At "Avin Family Dentistry" you are not just a patient,
 you are "family".  And, if this is your first visit, "we" will assure that your dental appointment will make a believer of you too.

                   AVIN FAMILY DENTISTRY
                47100 Community Plaza, Suite 165
                              Sterling, VA  20164

                        (*) Next to Party City

                 Also Follow Dr. Mayam Avin
    FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN for Cancer Research 


 No. 2        Robert Sacchi                                                                      PROOF READER


 No. 3   Tracee Lydia Garner, Author                                           Follow Me @Teegarner


                      703.430-7058  or  703.297-5993   

            No. 5   WASTE NOT . WANT NOT
Our customized doorstep trash removal service  provides residents and property management companies  a unique amenity that makes life just that much easier.  Our team of valued employees provides nightly doorstep  trash and recycling removal eliminating the laborious and inconvenient task of taking the trash out.  Simply place your trash outside at your doorstep and we handle it from there.  We invite you to experience the WNWN way today!  

Simply place your trash outside at your doorstep and we  handle it from there. LEARN HOW

Contact Us:  1.855.WNWN or 

We are always interested in adding great people to our team.
Resumes and other employment related questions can
be sent to jobs@wnwnremoval.com.


No. 6     Within Loudoun County  .   Adult Protective Services website

Services are defined for adults who are over 60, or who are 18-59 and incapacitated or impaired. The "Companion Services" fall under those guidelines, and although there is currently a "Wait List".  However, it would be wise to be place on the "Wait List" for consideration when there is an opening  available you will be contacted.

 Contact: Debra Bressler, Community                                                            Ambassador Coordinator

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