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                       and Well-being  ...        
                                                                            Having a Personal Trainer is 
                                                                            like having a best friend help
 "A Woman's Corner"                                                   you to transform your life ...

The greatest joy that a women will ever experience is defined within the relationship that she develops with herself.  It is from that relationship that she defines her place in the world and how she relates to everything and everyone else.
When we embrace our inner most needs without the judgments from past neglects, it will open a door that will pave the way for all of our future successes.  We are never too old to recapture and/or reconnect to our personal well-being. 
Come, experience the joy that only you can bring to your life ... 
Well-being at any age, and at every age is an essential element to live a balanced life and lifestyle. 
      BIKRAM YOGA . ASHBURN                                                                        
                                                                                  ACUPUNCTURE& HERB CLINIC, LLC

                                                                                           Tuan Anh Nguyen,  Ph.D, L.Ac.
                                                                                            Thuc-Dan Nguyen, Ph.D, L.Ac.

http://www.meetup.com/about  is the worlds 
largest social network  that helps people find groups                                   LOGAN'S Roadhouse
in their community that share their same interests                                 Great FOOD, Great dining, e.g.  Theater, culture, writing, film making, etc. 

  DO something;    LEARN something; 
  SHARE something; CHANGE something
      Angels for Life . AZ & VA                                                                            
      www.awomanscorner.net      Line No.7                                         
In Home Non-medical Caregiver Service                  Non-invasive Alternative Healing


        DR. WAYNE W. DYER                                                           
                                                                                                   CHERISHING the Incredible
There is a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem                           Miracle That You Are  
        &  The Power of Intention                                                                     
                          Soar Documentary       Your Opinion 
                 About What is Possible is About to Change     
 BARTERING   .   Coming soon ...                                                                                                                                                 

 YENI . Residential Cleaning Service                                        
                                   A SINGLE WOMAN'S Handbook
                                Making it as a Single Parent        



Customer Service is what we do BEST ...

  DR. MARYAM AVIN, D.D.S.,  .  Sterling, VA                     The HENDRICKS  INSTITUTE                                          
             MARIANNE WILLIAMSON               
     Best Selling Author:  A Return to Love                               CLAUDETTE CHENEVERT
                                                                                               Step family Relationship Coach                         


              Hot Flash Films   
Creating the Life that you want to live


 Whether you are at the beginning of your life, or have been on the Journey and down this path before, the Universe will always allow us to start over AGAIN, and Again, and again, and again until we are comfortable with who we are, and the bouquet of life that we have assembled.     WELCOME Home to Self ... 


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