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DAWNA MARKOVA, Ph.D., is internationally known for her groundbreaking research in the fields of learning and perception. She is the CEO of Professional Thinking Partners and a research member of the Society for Organizational Learning, and holds a Ph.D. in education and psychology form Union Graduate School. 

In 2003, Dawna co-founded, a website devoted to helping kids and young adults worldwide bring out their best in all areas of life. As one of the editors of the Random Acts of Kindness series, Dawna helped launch a national movement to help counter America’s crisis of violence. Dawna is the author of Spot of Grace; I Will Not Die An Unlived Life; No Enemies Within; How Your Child IS Smart; Unused Intelligence, and Learning Unlimited. 

At conferences around the world, Dawna has given inspiring keynote speeches on a wide range of topics, including finding purpose and passion, asset-focused parenting, organizational learning, living with cancer, and empowering individuals, groups and nations.

Dawna was recently honored with the Visions to Action Award, “for people who have made a profound contribution to the world.” A long-term cancer survivor (who was told she had six months to live – almost thirty years ago), Dawna has appeared on numerous TV program and is a frequent guest on National Public Radio and New Dimensions radio. 

You can contact her at: and

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