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About Us

"A Woman's Corner" is based on the philosophy that "women change the world everyday ..." Our entire team is committed to meeting that objective. As a result, a high percentage of our efforts and participation is from the repeated use of our FREE online AWC Workshop Series; College Internships, and Community Service Programs. AWC would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best and most cost effective interpersonal communications tools in the industry. 

"A Woman's Corner"

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  • Our “sons and daughters” will grow up to become your husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, your neighbors, employers, and your EMPLOYEES

  • “A Woman’s Corner” is a series of online Workshops that provide cost effective and FREE self-directed training exercises to support companies initiate much needed interpersonal communication skills for lower paid personnel and staff associates that will positively improve customer service

  • “A Woman’s Corner” will be hosted on participating college and university campuses

  • “A Woman’s Corner” provides community service through accredited Internships

  • “A Woman’s Corner” will save the government millions of dollars in Grant revenues

  • “A Woman’s Corner” will strengthen the bond between women and upholds the “Rights of Passage” between mothers and daughters & mothers and sons

  • “A Woman’s Corner” will partner and supports the efforts of local enterprise, start-up, community, home-based, and women owned businesses 

  • “A Woman’s Corner” supports the economic development of grass roots enterprise

  • “A Woman’s Corner” is expanding its boundaries to support other initiatives for women

  • “A Woman’s Corner” strengthens the fiber of “our” communities one-women-at-a-time

  • We are Black; we are White; we are Asian; we are Indian, et al., we are "all" nationalities.

  • We are Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic, Christian, Jew and are comprised of "all" religions

  • We are rich, we are poor; we are educated, we are illiterate, professional and laborer

  • "A Woman's Corner" pledges that no woman will be left out, and no one will be left behind. 

  • "A Woman's Corner" is an embodiment and reflection of humanity ...  

Become part of the SOLUTION …

"A Woman's Corner"

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“Women Change the World Everyday”

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