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AWC for KIDS . "Breaking the Cycle"

If society is ever going to change as it exists today, it will have to be done at the most fundamental level there is -- the level of family.  

 "A Woman's Corner"

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In hindsight, generation by generation if we don't strive to honor, respect, and nurture the women in our households, it will negate our role as the caretakers of the cradle of civilization entrusted to save and serve humanity. 

As we move forward, each of us individually and collectively can begin to rebuild our world, our countries' our communities, and our families one-woman-at-a-time, and with humility acknowledge that "women change the world everyday", and let it begin with me ...

   LINK Against Hunger

 A Model Program that can easily be duplicated County-by- County, that has proven how we can stamp out hunger and begin to rebuild our communities One-Woman-At-a-Time ...   






























"Women change the world everyday" 

"A Woman's Corner"

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