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Caring can cost a lot, but not caring can cost more. Loneliness is something people do to themselves. But, the question remains if men do and understand all of the things that they need to know, will it make a difference in the quality of their relationships, or help women to love and accept them more?

I believe if each partner is willing to accept the other without conditions, and is willing to accept the others faults as jewels in a continual process of being refined like a diamond in the rough, then they can strive to nurture limitless boundaries.

There seems to be three main streams to life, the emotional, the sensual, and the rational -- and most men seem to be made up of all three in differing degrees. 

However, when men grow more in one way than in another -- the side of them which is the most developed will also determine the kind of mate and/or friend they will make.

Each man holds between his hands

a silence that he wants to fill, so he fills that silence with his dreams ...

If you can’t commit to something

big, then commit to something small.

Perhaps the biggest source of unhappiness in the world today

stems from the idea that there

is some one out there who will

meet all of your needs ...

It is easy to spend your life looking for an elusive something in someone else, and always holding out for what you don't quite know. But many men do it without recognizing that they are really looking for themselves ...

In a full heart there is room for everything ...


A Self-directed Series

"A Woman's Corner"

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When you have choose the type of man

who is self-absorbed and appears to

expect others to feed him first, don't

expect him to ask who is feeding you,

as his defenses and manner of being

may appear to be more primitive than


When you choose this type of man for

your mate, he is who he is, and expecting him to change or

selfishly wanting it undermines the

integrity of who you both are.  

Instead, seek to attract a man who

already has the qualities that you want

in a partner, so neither of you has

to compromise your virtues to be happy.

So that love can grow from you, very few men are tough enough to be soft  

The end result will always reflect the quality of effort that goes in ...

I like to think life is like a bank in which emotional currency gets put in and is drawn out. And, sometimes you take out of the bank what you put in, and sometimes you get back something else. 

But the energy that is put into it, is passed on to everyone else, and men often wonder why life keeps showing up the same way ...

Instead, they could be asking if there is someone out there who might need them ...

Love is a gift that keeps on giving ...

Being emotionally there for another person involves listening with your whole self to everything that they are saying, and to what they aren't saying as well. If men really do this well they will hear what women are hoping and what they are both fearing, including what neither can acknowledge even to themselves.

The intimacy of that level of relationship allows both partners to accept themselves and their mate in an unconditional bond, that allows you to share the joys of what each of you may individually feel inside.

  "A Woman's Corner"

"Women change the world everyday" 

"A Woman's Corner"

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