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Every relationship with "our" daughters is a Special one. Some are better at times then others, and some may be very painful and the bonds of family may have been broken ...

But for many women balancing the needs of a Family and juggling the demands of a Career may often require that "we" become gentler and more nurturing with ourselves; nor can you give away something that you don't have.

However, in order to pass-on self-nurturing values to "our" daughters as a virtue, we have to first develop the quality in ourselves of being willing to LEAD by EXAMPLE. Unfortunately, and all to often in many Mother and Daughter relationships, "our" daughters become confused and disenchanted with what they are feeling -- and don't know how to create other more meaningful experiences for themselves when the music that they hear does not match the dance that they see.

And, therefore, as women, wifes, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins, related and unrelated, extented family and stranger, we get to take higher ground, because"women change the world everyday ..."

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