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"A Woman's Corner"

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Total Body


Change Your Life,

Change Your Body

Take control of your health, your aging, and your well-being today.

It is NEVER to late. You are NEVER to old, and you are NEVER to sick to start over ...

The Bikram Ashburn Studio

Bikram "hot" Yoga. Ashburn

44340 Premier Plaza, Suite 210

Ashburn, VA 20147

703.858-YOGA (9642)

 Jameliah Penfield, Director

A special offer

Watch for announcements that celebrate holidays and other occasions. Bikram Yoga Ashburn has special offers for a limited time only! Even if you are still using your currents package, you can still purchase one of the packages to use after your current package has expired. The deals would be a great gift for a friend or a loved one. Any time is a good time to renew your New Year's Resolutions. What a great gift to share the joy, health and well-being of Bikram Yoga with the ones that you care about!

We appreciate and celebrate you. We hope that you will share the gift of Bikram Yoga with those you care about and continue your practice regularly throughout the year!  

 All specials are FINAL SALES, and non transferable.


Jameliah Penfield

Bikram Yoga Ashburn

 BIKRAM YOGA . Ashburn

is a proud supporter of

"A Woman's Corner" and

"women change the world everyday ..."

"A Woman's Corner"

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