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SUSAN HESS LOGEAIS,Actress/Producer/Film maker

If we create the world with our thoughts, then let’s imagine one where everyone has enough food to eat and our human population doesn’t negatively impact the other living systems inhabiting the Earth.

While we’re at it, why not a world where violence is not used to settle disputes and where children and their caregivers are honored and supported as the best investment in our future that we can make?

And finally, let’s create a world where men are honored for nurturing, women are encouraged to be leaders and both are treated equally. For that to happen, we need examples of what this might look like. And that’s why I founded Hot Flash Films PDX, to tell stories that show real people transforming challenges into opportunities for growth; choosing compassion over violence; opening themselves to their potential to experience life fully; and impacting the world in a positive way.



"Women Change the World Everyday ..."

"A Woman's Corner"

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