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The Mothers and Sons

Self Directed Workshop

"A Woman's Corner"

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As Mothers, we are the Caretakers for the future of society, and are the keepers of the "keys" for all of humanity. Therefore, how we nurture and raise our SONs will determine the world that we live in.

Our SONs will grow up to be our Husbands, our Fathers, Our Brothers, our Schoolmates, our Uncles, co-Workers, our Doctors,

Our Lawyers, our Dentists, and Our Judges ...

Our Employers, our Bosses, our Mechanics,

Our Technicians, Our Bankers, Etc

Our SONs will become our Pastors, our Political Leaders, our Legislators, and our Neighbors.

Therefore, when as Mothers we can see the world through the eyes of our SONs we may wish to make different choices in how we raise them, recognizing that we are building not only their future, but we are laying the foundation for the world as we know it, and what it will ultimately become ... 

As Mothers we may not feel that we have directly caused the world's problems, but we most definitely have the power to change them. It is only when we are willing to take responsibility for the difference that we can make, it is to that extent that we have the power to change it. Because as "Mothers", good, bad or indifferent we raised our SONs to be who they are and therefore, we have to accept that the end result as we see it today is a reflection of the quality of love or lack thereof, that we are raising our SONs with. The JOURNEY is the Destination ....   

Use the pictures below as a guide to build, re-build or create a relationship in your heart with your SONs, that mirrors the pictures below, and then experience the Magic of transforming your life and Rebuilding our communities one-woman-at-a time. The power of love works miracles, and you will see it, when you believe it ...

"Women Change the World Everyday ..."   

"A Woman's Corner"

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