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Consider Hosting

a SHOP, SHARE and SAVE Meetup

Coming Soon ... 

The Sterling Shop, Share and Save Meetup for Singles shopping for small families of 1, 2, and 3 in the family.  

But you must have a COSTCO Membership Card if we are shopping at any of the COSTCO Wholesale venues. Consider Meeting-up to shop and save on your grocery shoppint. If 5 or more people want to meet, shop and save we can have a meaningful shopping experience.

Feel free to bring a guest.

VENUE will be posted 

Days before Shopping Event

If we are shopping at COSTCO each Member must present their COSTCO Membership Card at the door upon entering. However, all shared purchases will be made on the Meetup Organizer's Club Card, and "all" reimbursed shared purchases are "CASH ONLY". When shopping at COSTCO you may make additional credit card purchases for personal and other non shared items while with the Sterling Share, Shop and Save Meetup Group, but you will have to use your own personal COSTCO Membership Card or other means of payment, as only The Sterling Share, Shop and Save Meetup purchases will be rung-up on the Meetup Organizer's Club Card     

Coming Soon ...

You don't have to deprive yourself of exceptional values to enjoy the savings. If you need someone to do small shopping for you, a Personal Shopping Service will soon be available for a nominal fee

The Sterling Share, Shop and Save Meetup for 1, 2 & 3 person families may be just what you need.


Shopping is limited to a fee schedule and based on the Amount of the order:   

Fee Order Amount

There is a $100 shopping maximum. 

Totals over $100.01 will be charged an

additional fee according to the above rates chart.

Coming Soon ...



There are times when you just don't feel like cooking for one person, or eating alone. 

On the last Thursday of each month when there are 4 or more people signed-up for the event, be a Host or be a Guest ...

Pot Luck Thursday ...

When you provide the venue, each guest will bring a dish that will serve 4 people or more. 

Meet new people and enjoy different foods and the luxury of being a guest in your own home.

Live alone? 55 years or older? 20 something 30 or 40?

No problem, you can still ENJOY shopping, sharing, and saving too. Just don't spend the extra money in one place.

As you can see, The Sterling Shop, Share and Save Meetup has something for everyone, Singles too ...


The Sterling Shop, Share and Save Meetup Group recognizes that shoping and savings go hand-and-fist with us at . 

So we just made it easier to hold on to more of your money without having to compromise value in the quantity that's right for you.

Come join us any Thursday that 4 or more Shoppers are confirmed.


The Sterling Shop, Share and Save Meetup Group is a promotional program sponsored by

"A Woman's Corner" and is showcased in conjunction with . The Sterling Share, Shop and Save Meetup is not affiliated in any way with COSTCO Wholesale Corp (or) or any of its affiliates.

"Women change the World Everyday ..."

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