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A Self-directed College Internship / Community Service

"A Woman's Corner"

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 The Apprentice Project is a pilot program designed to enhance a student’s ability to integrate classroom theory with practical hands-on work experience and receive three college credits [no stipends] for qualifying internship programs. Each semester candidates who elect to participate in The Apprentice Project will in affect operate and staff a business, under the guidance of its owner, or depending on the area of responsibility, may be supervised by a Team Lead and/or Project Manager. Student’s will learn the basic elements of the business’s infrastructure, as well as receive a behind the scenes profile of its entire operations. Because of certain non-disclosure issues, students will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement not to divulge the nature of any classified information outside of your classroom and/or learning environment, or disclose any information that may be detrimental to the business’s operations.  

The Apprentice Project in theory is modeled after Donald Trump’s popular television series. Therefore, attendance at a Board Meeting has been factored into the internship, and corporate attire will be required. You will be expected to submit a typed progress report of your accomplishments, together with an outline of each week’s projected milestones; which will be made available to your respective Professor or Department Chairman for review. 

When the Internship term has ended you will receive credit for your successful completion of The Apprentice Project Internship Program and become eligible for a paid Internship after completing two consecutive internships with The Apprentice Project,one of which must have been preferably an off-site in one of the participating WIBO or AWC partner enterprises. 

The Apprentice Project is a drug, alcohol, and smoke free model work environment [MWE], and participants will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly. The experience received from the respective Internship experience will not only augment your formal studies, it will give you a significant advantage in your future endeavors. Employers will know that participants who have completed an AWC Internship are able to fulfill the obligations of the job that they are being hired to perform. Therefore, AWC offers a 3-day stop smoking workshop for participants of The Apprentice Project who have been challenged to quit smoking on their own.

Because the standards adopted byThe Apprentice Projectare intended to mirror the principles that Donald Trump has built his empire on, the integrity of your character and work ethics are as important as your ability to think independently and maintain your performance as a “team player”. Therefore, the only time you will ever hear “you’re fired” is if you breach a trust; exhibit poor work ethics; and/or violate a fellow human beings civil rights. e.g. lie, cheat, steal, smoke on-site, misuse your authority to willfully hurt someone else, or are unprepared with your school or project assignments. 

Each semester The Apprentice Project will reconstruct “A Woman’s Corner” and use it to continuously improve its fundamental internal processes and community outreach efforts. It is the resident business where students can gain practical hands-on experience working in a non-profit organization, while providing a valuable community service by its participants. Candidates interested in applying for any of the positions listed below by filling out an application online and E-mailing it to and attach a current Resume that lists your Degree Objective, projected Graduating Class and GPA.

The Apprentice Project is open to all, and students with special needs are encouraged to apply.

  • Accounting / Bookkeeping

  • Administrative Assistant Associate

  • Director of AWC

  • Campus Program Coordinator

  • Grant Writer

  • Graphic Designer

  • IT and Technologies Assistant

  • Legal Assistant

  • Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Sales Staff

  • Home Page Research Assistant

  • Proofreaders

  • Special Projects Staff Assistant

  • Statistician / Qualitative / Quantitative Analyst

  • LAN Administrator

  • Graphic Designer / Webmaster

"Women Change the World Everyday..."

"A Woman's Corner"

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