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"A Woman's Corner"

The History of AWC is expressed in the following paragraphs taken from excerpts of a letter addressed to the United States Secretary of Transportation, and provides an insight into where the concept for "A Woman's Corner" was derived; and how AWC can be a valuable resource for women, and women in transition in its endeavor to explore alternative mindsets to encourage women not to give-up particularly when the road ahead appears difficult, and solutions are seemingly out of reach. 

"A Woman's Corner"

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We know at times the view from where we are to where we want to be is clouded by the assumption that the darkest hours are just before dawn, but when we set our sights on what it is that we want to accomplish instead of the conditions of the immediate circumstances -- we often times recognize that from where we are there is no place to go but up, and that in-and-of-itself makes the journey ahead seem a little more attainable.   

"A Woman’s Corner” and Lifestyle Makeovers for Women in Transition

is an open invitation to women everywhere describing an initiative designed to support the development of crucial interpersonal communications skills that are necessary as we strive to achieve the fullest potential in our personal, family, community, and/or respective work-a-day lives. 

Although the website was a resident graduate internship program managed by the Center for Responsive Marketing in New York City, it provided New York University access to a full Internship Program that met the criteria for Community Service credit for its participating graduate students pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Management and Information Technology who were registered in its continuing education department; and its efforts created an onsite residential program that supported the broader community of women-at-large.

“A Woman’s Corner” is structured to to be easily duplicated on college campuses within the curricular at institutions of higher learning throughout the city, the state, the nation, and abroad. The need for such an ambitious undertaking is the direct result of underlying causes that are often misinterpreted and masked behind many mores that are self-defeating and stunt the growth of many women. Therefore, “A Woman’s Corner” is designed to assure that women can access at least the basic tools they need to identify the scope to develop the emotional resources to journey beyond their immediate mindset without being labeled a social outcast. The online AWC Workshop series will provide an awareness for the benefit to develop certain emotional skills necessary to sustain internal strength and rise above their existing limitations. It is from this manner of speaking that we believe that women can begin to create a life based on the things that matter most to them.   

"A Woman’s Corner” is a user friendly website that participants can access and obtain various levels of insights that they can use to interpret many forms of overt and covert inequities that they encounter without having to combat low self-esteem or external reprisal as their only recourse. The contention is, if we don’t begin to remove those barriers and find ways to support all women to re-build their lives, we can never expect to rebuild our communities and rid them of the crime, deterioration, indifference, and injustice that we have come to accept in many communities both here in the United States and abroad.

Since economic development and financial security are key elements, the basis for much of our stability and well being characterized when women are encouraged to take pride in their jobs and given an opportunity to earn a fair wage for the work that they perform. They become productive in many other areas of their lives that are seemingly unrelated to the tasks at hand. It has a domino effect that touches every area of their well-being.  

Conversely, when a women shuts-down emotionally as a protective defense against low-self esteem, they often attempt to substitute external fulfillments to compensate for that internal void, and everyone in the wake of their lives is affected. e.g. families; children; husbands / wives; social relationships; society; employers; jobs; and their community-at-large. Thus the anomaly continues to perpetuate that need to resolve and bring closure to the discord without knowing where to begin. Therefore, on a broader and more practical scale, by using social resources and College Internships that are readily available to us in our communities “A Woman’s Corner” will endeavor to be a catalyst for change. 

By using cooperative joint-ventures, corporate sponsorship, as well as developing local College Internship Programs, I believe that we can successfully begin to re-build our communities one-woman-at-a-time. Through the process of making tools available online to develop some very basic and essential interpersonal communications and personal development skills, at the completion of various AWC Workshops intended to foster confidence, build self-esteem and help to regain emotional well-being, everyone will benefit. 

Therefore, once “A Women’s Corner” is hosted on college campuses and within grass roots organizations, participants will have direct access to career counseling from the host facility, or pursue college and/or vocational training. It will give women who have been entrenched in abusive relationships; oppressed in their careers; categorically disenfranchised; or historically under-served an opportunity to participate in the AWC Living Essentials, Wellness and Personal Development Workshops and learn how to more effectively live from a place of empowerment vs. one of desperation. AWC can also become a resource for women who are heads-of-households, and men who are single parents, each can benefit by using the online workshops to perform more effectively within their family, community, workplace, and in the greater society-at-large. 

Through repeated practice of these very basic skills, AWC participants can develop the resources to turn negative situations into positive outcomes, which will enable women to be better prepared to change their lives; their lifestyles; and their outlook. When that happens, “A Woman’s Corner” will be encouraged that it has achieved its intention to be a catalyst for change to help to re-build “our” communities from within, one-woman-at-a-time.

Thank you in advance for your attention in this respect, and AWC respectfully welcomes your comments, support and participation.   

Yours truly, 

 "A Woman’s Corner”

"A Woman's Corner"

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