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A Woman’s Corner” supports the contention that

“women change the world everyday ...

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"A Woman's Corner"

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"A Woman's Corner" provides the administrative management and operating system that supports the on site and online web based interpersonal communication skills and personal development workshop series for women in transition.


“A Woman’s Corner”

enlists a wide range of congregate support through pro bono services from volunteers and professional firms. 

AWC provides accredited internships for graduate and undergraduate students from participating Colleges, Universities, and upward mobility training programs. 

AWC solicits support from major corporations doing business in our communities; in-kind services; and contributions from supporters who want to ensure that each woman’s enrollment in an AWC online / on site workshop will be a successful experience in personal growth that will have a positive impact on her family; her career; her job; her school; her community; and in her life in general.


“A Woman’s Corner”

is committed through its online workshops to be a catalyst to help women move beyond many of the underlying beliefs that hitherto have divided families, destroyed communities, and have been major factors why some women have been unable to set appropriate boundaries and choose to remain in oppressed, abusive, and sometimes violent relationships that have restricted their personal growth. Participants will be reassured that regardless of their station in life that “no woman will be left out, and no one will be left behind.”


"A Woman's Corner"

will solicit support from corporate sponsors and utilize community resources to raise the awareness, that when we invest in the development of the women enrolled in AWC workshops, we are making it possible for them to have continued access to interpersonal communications training that will help them to build skills to attain a positive self-image and the confidence that is often needed to be redirected back into their families. A healthy self-esteem is the by-product of self-confidence. Both however, are precursors to the level of commitment and thrust required to re-build our communities, and ultimately impact productivity in all areas of our lives.    


"A Woman's Corner"

is a cost effective endeavor designed to reinforce the philosophy that when we invest in the women in our society, they will contribute to their children in a way that no external program could ever achieve. Consequently, the prototype for the philosophy of AWC can be easily duplicated in neighborhoods throughout our cities, our states/provinces, counties, and countries; both here and abroad. The AWC concept supports women in crisis to become senior to their circumstances. 

"A Woman's Corner” is a catalyst and change agent by which we can contribute to the women in our communities and provide the tools they need to develop the emotional skills to save their children from the perils of an unsettled past; and empower them to become part of the solution for the success of their lives, and their futures. Become part of the SOLUTION …

  "Women Change the World Everyday ..."

"A Woman's Corner"

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