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Details of Entire Claim against KAISER will be posted for Public Review

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Jamaal W. Thomas, JD a/k/a

Jamaal W. Thomas, Esq a/k/a

Jamaal W. Thomas, Senior Claims Manager a/k/a

Jamaal W. Thomas, Principal Claims Examiner a/k/a

A. ELDER ABUSE . Surgical Procedure administered without knowledge or consent

B. VASCULITIS . A Synopsis and Research Study

C. APPEAL to KAISER Permanente, et al. DENIAL of Claim . Letter No.3

LETTER No. 1 d.09.24.2015 . Letter of Introduction . Jamaal W. Thomas, JD

To assure that the 2 year "Statute of Limitation" would expire and not allow sufficient time for an attorney to prepare and file an Appeal within the 18 month Arbitration guidelines, Jamaal W. Thomas waited 15 months before contacting me again from his initial correspondence d.09.24.2015 to d.01.24.2017, and on behalf of KAISER, et. al on d.02.26.2017, Jamaal W. Thomas [a/k/a] forwarded Letter No. 3 denying my claim(s) of Elder Abuse, Negligence and Medical Malpractice against Dr. Margaret Kopelman; and Negligence and Elder Abuse against Dr. Paul Millea for unlawfully withholding and denying my Acupuncture benefits forcing me incur the expense and liability of going out of Network to obtain Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine treatments that resulted in an automobile accident in which I sustained a broken neck that has rendered me "disabled for life."

LETTER No. 2 From KAISER Attorney d.01.26.2017 . Complaint Inquiry

LETTER No. 2 No. 1- 4 Evidence submitted and IGNORED by KAISER and Attorney 

Response to Paragraph No. 1 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 2 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 3 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 4 KAISER      

Letter No. 3 From KAISER Attorney d.02.24.2017 . Denial of Claim

Response to Paragraph No. 1 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 2 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 3 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 4 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 5 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 6 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 7 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 8 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 9 KAISER

Response to Paragraph No. 0 KAISER   


Traditional Medicine Fixes

Alternative Medicine Helps the Body to Heal Naturally

The KAISER Permanente "Chat Room" is a platform for KAISER Members to share their individual medical experiences. Please do not use this Post or any Posts on this website as an endorsement, validation or substitution for legal guidance or protocol. If you feel that a Elder Abuse concerning a medical negligence or malpractice lawsuit is a consideration, you should begin the process by first submitting an online complaint in writing to KAISER Member Services in a timely manner. Because there is a 2 year "Statute of Limitation" to file a medical malpractice lawsuit, and in most states the clock begins ticking the day of the incident and not the date you notify KAISER, and because KAISER has a clause built into your contract that you cannot sue them, and if your grievances is not honored by KAISER it can only be settled through "Binding Arbitration" within that 18 month time frame.  

Therefore, after filing your online Grievance/Complaint with KAISER through Member Services you may want to consider contacting an attorney IMMEDIATELY? If you do not, in my experience KAISER will take its time answering your Grievance/Complaint, which will significantly cut into the 18 month statute of limitation and legal time line that an Attorney would need to prepare and submit your case for Arbitration.  


Subject: "Chat Room" Post

2nd 2000 - 2999 words

$ 3,500

Email . Reply . Per Word

$ 10.00 50 Word Minimum

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